Linda Defort,
- born 17-6-68, Bielefeld (Germany)
- graduated at the Royal Academy of the Plastic Arts in the Hague in 1993
(drawing, painting and monumental disciplines)
- followed by two years study of Photography at the same Academy

"My photographic oevre deals with elusiveness and desire; with human
relationships marked by the inability to be intimate, and with the
loneliness that flows from this kind of relationship.

The ephemeral character of the moment is of central importance.

I consider photography to be the most suitable medium because it offers
me the most effective opportunity to straddle the thin line between
fiction and reality. In my work, it is important to me to retain a certain
playfulness and, at the same time, leave room for coincidence.

First and foremost, I am interested in the tension between intimacy and
distance, thereby particularly concentrating on portrait photography and
body language.

I try to approach both intimacy and distance in different ways, finding it
important to create an intangible feeling about it; to leave the spectator
with a feeling of confusion.

I want to illustrate the subject in an almost dreamlike yet penetrating way.

Recent work is about watching and being watched and puts the spectator
in the role of observer as well as the observed."
Linda Defort

thanks to the great translationteam from the 'illusie' and Alex.